Monthly Archives: September 2014


I needed a lightweight nginx setup that I just throw config files into, thus was born docker-nginx-onbuild. The base container will add any files in the context to /etc/nginx and your CMD need only be arguments to nginx.

To build our nginx container here at Djed, my docker context has a few files:

  • conf.d/site.conf
  • ssl/certificate.crt
  • ssl/certificate.key

My Dockerfile is very simple and looks like this:

FROM jcderr/nginx-onbuild:latest
MAINTAINER Jeremy Derr my@email
CMD [ "-g", "daemon off;" ]

site.conf defines my upstreams (which are sockets exported by other containers) and my hosts, and that’s about it.


Jon Hendren:

In the olden times you had your system admin people and your developers separate. [ … ] The reason this was previously a problem is because everyone is extremely used to staring at their computer all day and zoning out and thinking about orcs or elves or whatever Lord of the Rings stuff was popular at the time instead of talking to their coworker friends about work.

DevOps is mostly just a way of reorganizing all your nerds and making them talk to each other more.

Hear, hear!